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Metal screen of the application of color choose to use the warm color

by:KNK     2020-10-16
The role of color in screen design is very important, if screen color processing good, often can use very little cost to achieve very good adornment effect. On the other hand, will be extremely low. Good color screen can produce good psychological feeling, to the person's mood and work efficiency has a direct impact. About what is a warm color, it is relative to the case of cool color, warm color and there is no absolute concept. Warm and cold are compared. In general, people see red, yellow and red, yellow harmonic produced by the color of the considered warm color. In the color wheel, is red, and yellow as the middle section and the surrounding adjacent colors. But this classification method is relative. Generally think blue is a cool color, for instance, but compared with blue, blue blue is the warm color. Such as green again, it is compared with the orange cool color, and compared with cyan is warm color. Therefore, we think the warm color as the standard, for its role in the screen colour is applied. First, the warm color series of color has a different personality: ( 1) Red. It is the color of chroma supreme, to the person's visual stimulus is strong, and have marked, and moving effect. Show feelings is warm and sincere. But there are also on the other hand, is the color, with terror. ( 2) Yellow. Is the highest color lightness, it give a person relaxed, pleasant feeling, make the person to contact light, elegant, lively, natural and unrestrained. It is stuffy Men, on the other side of the block. ( 3) The orange. Both the characteristics of the red, and yellow, move feeling is strong, warm, both red enthusiasm, sincere, and with a yellow light and lively. Red, yellow, and orange is the color of a few price comparison in warm color department is mainly, they have certain representativeness. Other colors in the warm color department with nothing but they also have similar features. Know the characteristics of warm color, personality, we'll talk about how to use the warm color. Decorated with warm color screen, often makes a person is cheerful, strong movement, and appetite. So, the colour in the design of the bedroom, living room, restaurant, fitness screen partition use warm color to decorate, Can't say cool color can't use in these places of course) 。 At the time of use warm color, attention should be paid to the appropriate add some white or grey color to reduce its purity, it will be more implicative, and not too smart, stimulation. Using the area size of warm color and brightness, purity, concrete consideration according to different situations. For example, to put the screen in the living room, we can use the warm color with high purity, small area, reach the role of refreshing. Often is such a piece of color, break the whole screen and inflexible feeling. Make dining-room whole tonal harmony, and make the person feels clean and health, is of great benefit to increased appetite. In the screen of the bedroom, must reduce the purity of warm color, it will make a person feel a kind of hazy atmosphere, to achieve a good rest. In addition, the warm color and forward, it can adjust the space of the screen. If bedroom space is too loose, for instance, can use warm color to decorate, make the space produces compact. Articles by: metal screen metal products co. , LTD. Foshan city provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen, indispensable in modern architecture decoration
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