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Metal furniture unique advantage is introduced

by:KNK     2020-09-11

40 or 50 s of the last century, metal furniture with its modelling concise, craft elegant, easy to use, moderate price has formed in some countries, such as Europe and the advantages of climate, become a new and beautiful scenery in the furniture market, and quickly spread to various parts of the world. Later, also began to appear and rise of metal furniture in China, a large number of metal furniture products into the China's many families and some public places. People come to metal furniture, because it has many unique features and strengths. Various shape, pleasing to the main body of modern metal furniture components, mostly by the thickness of 1 ~ 1. 2 mm high quality thin walled carbon steel or stainless steel tube and aluminum tube, etc. Because thin-walled metal toughness, good ductility, can according to the designer's artistic originality processed into a variety of curve of the modelling of much appearance, beautiful arc and style, give full play to the design of the bold imagination and exaggeration; And the artistic appeal of metal frame with accessories such as wood, cloth, stone, glass or trim clever collocation, all show thousands of varieties, ten thousand kind of charm, pleasing. Many metal furniture forms, unique style halfback, show a strong personal style, these are often the solid wood and wooden furniture is difficult to compare and match. Integrating function and aesthetic function of metal furniture surface coating, can be said. Can be all kinds of beautiful beautiful colour polyurethane powder coating; Can be a gleaming chrome plated, galvanized inferior smooth effect; Can be a glittering showily elegance vacuum titanium nitride coating ( Titanium) And vacuum titanium carbide coating ( Black titanium) ; Can also be plated titanium and powder spray the perfect combination of two or more colors in photograph reflect. As for international K gold plating on metal surface and the black gold plating technology, more the class and grade of metal furniture to a very high level. Metal furniture integrating function and aesthetic function, some high-grade acura even has the collection value. Multicolored colour and highlights, bright light, matt, matte, ice the different style such as plating luster, making it impossible for the color is too rich in other kinds of furniture, can only be nearly as well. Category and variety is very rich metal furniture category and variety are also very rich. Such as bedroom can be made of arrangement of metal beds, bedside table, Ark) , dresser, the dressing stool and the combination of metal wood wardrobe; Guest ( The door) Hall can decorate metal production sofa, tea table, TV rack, elegant flower shelf, hanger, shoe rack; Study can decorate metal frame, solid wood or wood mesa small secretary, metal chair swivel chair or metal frame, metal frame cabinet or open metal shelf; Restaurants can decorate metal frame on the surface of the glass surface, wood or stone table, with several metal dining chair, cultured can also buy a pocket metal dining car; Kitchen configurable metal framework, the whole tent ark of man-made board door, stone countertops; Health ask more small metal guajian alternative metal furniture such as big head space. These can all be well build a family in different functional areas need different emotional appeal and atmosphere, can make household more than other types of furniture style diversification and more modern breath. Use convenient, save a space many varieties of metal furniture also has a folding function, such as folding bed, folding sofa, folding table, folding, folding chairs, folding stool, etc. , use rise very convenient not only, still can save a space, make household area is relatively limited, many Chinese families can feel the bedroom environment relatively loose and comfortable. This is cannot achieve the effect of other kinds of furniture. Inexpensive metal furniture price is today to the low number of solid wood and wooden furniture, no matter for income but passion don't creative family household is decorated and lighter, witty, or income and the family is not rich and exquisite material benefit, all is good and inexpensive.

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