Metal furniture customization process

by:KNK     2020-07-23

metal furniture customization process basically see the design of metal furniture, some need laser cutting hollow-out decorative pattern, some need to use stainless steel casting, some need planer slot, bending, etc. Unless, of course, some arts and crafts properties of metal furniture, most of them are used in sheet metal processing. Is including sheet metal cutting, laser cutting, bending plane groove, welding, grinding and polishing, surface treatment and so on a series of process production, the processing has a lot of places need to be more professional manufacturer to produce good results, so you also want to pay attention when choosing manufacturer. Metal furniture customization of focus in terms of custom, unlike some mature furniture products, metal furniture can be made more solitary characteristic structure, and technological process is not complicated. Metal furniture used in metal materials, easy to realize automation, high mechanization degree, is beneficial to improve labor efficiency, reduce the product cost, it is wood furniture. And sheet metal furniture used in thin-walled tubes can be arbitrary bending or a shape. Create different modelling such as square, round, sharp, flat. Can also be through to the metal stamping, forging, casting, molding, welding and other * for different shapes of metal furniture. Has to use a function, but also by electroplating, plastic spraying, fu * process for surface decoration effect. The above content is all process in metal furniture customization, as nowadays is very popular a kind of furniture products, metal furniture mainly with stainless steel furniture, furniture of carbon steel, copper and so on comparison of several commonly used metal. Different metal furniture process about the same, just the price of the custom, difficulty there is demand. But each metal furniture is environmental protection, sturdy and durable features is still retained, welcome customers to custom metal furniture can dial 13520150610 for consultation.

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