Metal furniture customization from distributors to consumers

by:KNK     2020-09-08

'customize' the concept of the present obtained the unprecedented high degree as soon as possible, the custom of household hot is bound to meet the market demand, but taking the time to go to numerous, demand the real point is over there? What kind of household custom consumers need? Soft furniture as the culmination of a household market and how to realize own break? The answer is still inconclusive, companies are still in exploration. As old soft furniture enterprise, the house is focused on the sofa manufacturing advantages, from the perspective of consumption and industry, for the first time in the industry put forward the new mode custom 'and' them. Culture and living method and surround them, hao will be customized, the scene to the heart of the user, also go to dealer's heart. Howe exploration of guest room custom pattern time, broaden the size of the 'household custom' undoubtedly the breadth and depth. From focusing on the sofa to guest room, the house can never deviate from the main line so appreciate, sofa is the luxury business, guest room customization is the focus of surrounding into level and optimization, the hao parlour custom concept is put forward, is based on brand, market, marketing, product positioning from scratch, keep up with the level of consumption and make the counsel of mediation, is based on the consumer demand change from the parlour sofa, focus and stretched out the project to them to make a living, it includes sofa, tea table, TV ark, entourage of, lighting, curtain wall system, a set of nature of customization system. 1, an innovative mode. The hao sand publication industry first 'parlour custom' this new trade patterns. 2, the two systems. Two combination of digital and information technology, to produce customized implementation flexibility, making good basic efficiency. 3, three edge tool. Terminal APP li home purchase. 3 d designer fast collocation, free drawing; With the help of WeChat platform drainage into system. Let stores double plateau effect, security dealers profit. 4, four major product lines. , hao authority 'good big sofa, the sofa' product plan, expand product for the modern leisure, northern Europe, Italian, American. Five, five major customization. 1) can choose according to the differences in consumer demand body sofa hardness; (2) can choose sofa intrusive, changes in size; (3) let the consumer can choose sofa fabrics and colors; (4) can choose sofa armrest; (5) free to design wall TV ark, etc. From product satisfaction to the scene, foshan custom software furniture factory, the hao do is mouth method consumption level of the most visible change, is that people began to examine itself, the connotation of comfortable heart already spans the all external momentum boldness of vision, this is the essence of nature. Real parlour custom, not as long as happy consumers' aesthetic demand and achievements, more needs to probe into the mouth and human nature. Nature demands challenge property line cut, each the ego private should choose from momentum verve, to choose to become itself. People love not only only is a product, but also a product of the scene, and infiltrating the feelings of the scenario itself. Hao depth research difference scenarios of guest room mouth, then these elements into the product research and development, soft outfit collocation. Parlour scene sense of order to obtain the rich thick, guest room to obtain complete flush method sense of reality. From distributors to consumers, hao parlour custom was multi-win-win situation for dealers, parlour customization will substantially increase the guest unit price, big open. Can only sell item before, but this moment do double integral custom hall, greatly cut the consumer choose and buy in the capital, promoted the user experience, and thus increase customer viscosity, this is the focus of terminal competitiveness. All model, marketing innovation, in order to make dealers more relaxed, happy to make money. For consumers, to provide users with fast free design, give the user mastership, furniture factory, relying on the efficient data support and information skills support ( 3 d designer, li cloud home purchase, VR visual flush) Depth, allows users to custom design the whole process. The house guest room custom not only on the choice of product level allows users to have a more comprehensive, more let user to invest more in depth in the process of passion and affection factors. Visual scene, what you see is what you get. Only create customer cost, let dealers to make money, the enterprise talent growth. 'Guest room for' have begun, sofa is undoubtedly the key of integration of the guest room furniture products. Custom has not only is the product of common sense custom, more than momentum boldness of vision on the nature of the satisfaction of consumer demand to customize. The house guest room customization can say caught the two big key, at the same time, the focus of the full play to its scale on the sofa. As a levite wei-hua zhu hao first chairman said, 'parlour custom devices not only did not leave the original focus, focus is to enhance its competitiveness, KTV sofa, whether dealing with consumers still dealers, the house of the counsel did three win, so to speak. ”

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