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Matters needing attention when choosing decorate a company

by:KNK     2020-08-14

we will buy house, want to decorate as soon as possible, of course, but we be very careful in choosing a decorate a company to choose, in case we cheated by decorate a company, here we are on the matters needing attention when choosing decorate a company. 1, we will refuse to make money in a variety of discounts to attract business in the name of the decorate company, if really don't make money is not a man to do, and cheap so basically would have to cut corners on our material. 2, we choose to decorate a company and when you need to decorate a company to sign a contract, but also said they would hire a construction supervision, if the company does not agree, so we don't need to choose the company. 3, we need to figure out what you need before the contract is signed materials, construction procedures and service projects, check the quotation affairs purpose by name, material, quantity, way, unit price, total price, and require designer to provide the material certificate 'report. 4, we had better use when choose to decorate a company to several design schemes combination design of a complete set by the owner, there are 3 ~ 5 construction unit price, the owners are optional. 5, we want to decorate a company to ask for industrial and commercial business charter photocopy documents such as, and then to the specialized tube these company checks, see and decorate a company to say. 6, when we sign the design contract, please indicate in the contract if we are not satisfied with the design, the company should be refund us full amount.

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