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Maintain the tip of wooden floor

by:KNK     2020-08-13

now a lot of love in the family laid wooden floor, the floor but some home as long as the old one not want to change new, and some families with five or six years or glamorous, so why is there such a big gap? This is because the board for the maintenance, so how to maintain the wood floor? The first is maintenance has three: one is to prevent board long exposure in the sun, so will result in the crack of the wood aging, while avoiding using hot and cold wind blowing the floor. 2 it is to prevent rain water floor, floor after soaking absorbed moisture, mildew is easy to occur. 3 it is to prevent metal, wooden floor is easy to scratch by metal tool, so we should try to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, when we move the furniture at the same time also want to move up, don't drag, often we can move the furniture in it below a layer of rubber MATS, prevent the scratch furniture. Followed by wood floor maintain four staff: one is to keep the water, not for a long time people room to prevent POTS of water to keep the water in the room. 2 it is to keep the floor dry clean, dry season in the north to use wet cloth to wipe the floor, in the south of the res wet dishcloth to clean. Three is to keep the indoor low humidity, we can open the ventilation when the indoor humidity, if outside is wet weather we can open air conditioning or fan. Winter because is too dry, remember to keep humidity, or floor will crack. Four is to keep the beauty of real wood floor, we are one to two months to wooden floor play a wax, so you can keep the luster of wooden floor. Finally is wooden floor maintenance to two jie: one is to use dishcloth or mop wash, can't use water to clean with soap water, and it is important to note that when scrubbing twist dry dishcloth or mop before washing. 2 it is to meet the special stains, such as: oily be soiled, paint, printing ink, etc can be directly used to wipe the oil stains, if such as fruit juice, red wine, we can use wet dishcloth or cloth to wipe the dust cleaner, and these stains must be done in a timely manner to wipe, don't wait to seep into the floor in the clear.

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