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Let's have a good sleep bedroom decorate a method

by:KNK     2020-08-06

good bedroom is decorated can make us have a good sleep, and good sleep can affect our mood, make our mood become clear, let yourself feel energetic. Whereas words will make us sleep day by day the unexamined, a paste in mind, make our spirit to meet the arrival of the next day, but will also affect our work efficiency. Then, once let we have a good sleep bedroom decorate a method.

let's have a good sleep in the bedroom decorate a method

1, bed selection: we want to select a neither too hard and not too soft bed, is too hard and too soft can make our body ache, at the same time, we choose the quilt to light, or it will make us feel out of breath, sleep will be very tired.

2, the choice of the curtain, the curtain with a double, the night curtain is pulled into sleep mode. Double curtain and sound insulation effect. In the quiet, dark environment, it is easy to fall asleep.

3, the choice of metope: Britain's daily mail has published a survey involving 2000 families, according to the color effect on sleep duration, including blue 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep duration at the top, known as the color of the best sleep. Metope brushs blue, can help sleep, and the colour is lovely.

4, the choice of lamps and lanterns: match the berth lamp of a warm light. Studies have shown that the bedroom light too much will make the body to help sleep less melatonin, affect morpheus quality. Near the point of the sleep time, the bedroom lights with berth lamp, build a sweet sleep environment. 。

5, selection of electrical appliances: in the bedroom is not fit to put all kinds of electrical appliances, it makes our brains too excited, cause we don't sleep well, so it is best not to put in the bedroom items such as computer, television also had better not place, however, if placed at night when we are going to pull out the power supply.

6, the choice of green plants: not suitable for placed too much in the bedroom or large green plant, because the green plants is used to purify air through cooperation, there is no light in the evening when the breath, it will also make the carbon dioxide increased significantly in the bedroom, so easy to cause we lack of oxygen to the brain can't sleep, if we like it very much, can choose to put a small plant.

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