Let a space become bright decoration technique

by:KNK     2020-08-21

a bright environment will make the person's mood become happy, so we in decorating a home to make up the space bright, let a space become bright decoration skills what? Just look at the below 1, using low some of the furniture and ceiling light, so that can make the space look bigger, give a person the sense capacious will feel bright. 2, use cool color to move the furniture, the furniture that cool color moves is the best color is suitable for small room. 3, use different shades of color. Which you like in the space of color, and the bright color can make a space more bright. 4, use the translucent curtain, the curtain of translucent can make the light penetration, makes the house look more bright, but also can play the role of protecting our eyes. 5, use a custom size appropriate furniture, so can make the space becomes capacious and bright.

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