Laser cutting material sofa, let technology more perfect

by:KNK     2020-08-16

it is well known that is a very important part of the furniture of sofa, now many families when buying furniture, furniture sofa is essential, we in the usual accumulation, to also have a certain understanding, sofa and sofa is very good, the kinds of at ordinary times the most often hear is cloth art sofa, leather sofa, solid wood sofa. Points, according to the material material of sofa is our understanding of sofa, at ordinary times is presented on the surface of the sofa that layer material, we by looking at the material of sofa cloth art sofa, leather sofa, solid wood sofa and sofa of cany art, see at most everyday is cloth art sofa and leather sofas. A good addition to the sofa to our life and make our home more warm and comfortable, but also a good sofa should not only looks beautiful, you also need to sit up comfortable, safe to use. Now with the development of laser industry and constantly improve, laser cutting technology is constantly improving the practical level, it also gradually be applied to the furniture industry, the exquisite cutting technology and the design process in harmony together, injected new ideas to the generation of furniture industry. Sofa prices are relatively expensive, compared to traditional processing methods, laser processing with graphics, arbitrary random size and weight adjustment, high precision, fast speed, incision smooth and no burr, automatic typesetting province material, no mould cost advantages. Under the same cost, higher production, laser cutting machine can provide more furniture products, ensure the machining accuracy at the same time, realize the diversity and more functional furniture products, for people to better adapt to domestic outfit diversification, personalized requirements, maximum efficiency, reduce the cost. With the addition of laser cutting, make our furniture industry took a big step, let our design to make easier, but also can be a very good speed, and the pattern of diversification.

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