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Kitchen hardware shelf and how much will it cost? In about 50 - 90 yuan

by:KNK     2020-07-22

the price of the metal shelf a kitchen is around 50 - The range of 90 yuan. In the majority with stainless steel, the appearance can according to the kitchen space and put the position to choose, next to the sink, can choose to drop can also be placed in the cabinet. With water seepage of that kind of, can be automatically the water permeability dry after washing. In kitchen hardware shelf of merchants on the market quotation, as follows: foshan regional supply 304 solid stainless steel kitchen double metal shelf, the price is about 98 yuan. Dongguan region supply stainless steel double-layer composite metal shelf, price is 43 yuan. The above prices are for reference only, concrete price will be subject to purchase.

the kitchen used metal shelf how to install?
hardware should be installed in all ceramic tile stick good later shelf, eyelet, can buy a dedicated open hole opener, usually around $3 a. So, can effectively prevent damage of the ceramic tile due to drilling situation happened. Kitchen hardware shelf installation position suggested cost line, and stir-fry for cooking when take things easy!

custom kitchen hardware shelf how to install?
convenient usability, plant shelf time is bound to the kitchen of the whole structure and the needs of our daily life to device, commonly used, stir-fry well is used in the device status must be our cooking local local, in other words, water is the place we can reach the hand, not commonly used we can device or blank local placed in the kitchen.

throttling space, because the kitchen is to compare small local in our family, so the metal shelf device must throttle space, reasonable application of our kitchen space position, for example on the metope of the kitchen, the opposite of the kitchen door waiting for the local.

classification to understand that the metal shelf when we want to kitchen appliances classification in place, shelf is in the market a variety of, like what frame, put condiment rack shelf, drop ( The first is plates) And so on in, according to their differences in category device in a reasonable position. Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall can rack device next to the sink, can rack device on the corner of the hearth, spice shelf is where device in near hearth.

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