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Kitchen cleaning tips, make the kitchen more clean

by:KNK     2020-08-06

the kitchen is the place where we used to cook, want to make our food is more clean, then we will need to clean the kitchen, so the kitchen becomes more orderly, and also our food is very clean. But the kitchen things so much, how do we clean? Then to tell you the kitchen cleaning tips.

kitchen cleaning tips, let a kitchen cleaner

1, hearth: our kitchen countertops normally just wipe wet dishcloth becomes clean, if you have any stain wash not to drop the above, we can use soap water, soda ash or alkaline detergent to clean, and the inside to the outside is wiped clean, but note that don't choose too alkaline detergent. When we finished cleaning, reoccupy does cloth to wipe clean, prevent the formation of water damage.

2, cooker: take the chopping block, a permanent is easy to produce peculiar smell. Because the cutting board to direct contact with food, so can't use detergent to scrub the chemical products. Can use household vinegar odor removal, two spoonfuls of vinegar mixed with 200 ml warm water first, and then placed it for about 15 minutes, can make easily remove dirt, odor will disappear, do we still have some sterilization effect, in addition, remember to use hot water to wash after using the block after ironing, if sunny can be dried, so has the effect of disinfection sterilization.

3, the kitchen has a long-term use of glassware, such as oil, can don't use detergent to clean this sort of thing, it is ok to take tea leaves to scrub directly, have printing glassware thin cotton paper scrub, no detergent cleaning, avoid corrosion of the prints on it. If the inside of the glass oil thicker, eggs can be pounded into the bottle, then add a small amount of warm water, cover tightly cap and shake up and down after 1 minute or so, then pour the waste, the final rinse off with clear water.

4, pool, will have to wash the dishes in the kitchen washing the dishes in the sink, especially at the time of washing the dishes, it is easy to stick the oil on the tank, if our home there is no specific cleaner, so we only where there is oil and salt, and then polish it with a plastic bag. Finally, we rush clean with clear water in it. Faucet also needs to be clean, at the same time, we also need to keep clean water seepage in the pool, so don't easy to produce peculiar smell.

see figure in which clean and tidy, cooking utensils, kitchen sink, are you very mad? A clean kitchen, not only can let us have a good mood when cooking, will also be very face in front of your friends. Take action immediately, use the tips above you clean the kitchen, let oneself of the kitchen more clean and tidy.

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