Joker stainless steel lattice in the application of the hotel to live in

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Chinese traditional decoration style is very pay attention to the collocation of light and shadow, known as the collocation of dimensional administrative levels. This philosophy in decorate a style, especially the manifestation of the new Chinese style is: using different stainless steel screen clever space partition function. From the 'pass' to 'rich ancient frame' to 'screen', the use of all communicate the idea, the 'soft' space partition is to ensure the privacy and let a space become fully, this hidden with Chinese geomantic go up to pay attention to the wind, there is a definite relation. Screen is very popular in ancient China furniture furnishings, it begins with chow, sheng Ming, in a prominent position in the history of ancient furniture. Stainless steel screen is a versatile piece of furniture, can display the family interior space is the significant position, space, beautification, wind, coordination effect, integrating practicability, appreciating at an organic whole, is a valuable and adornment effect. Stainless steel checkered is applicable in many places, especially places with modern style and features, hotels, villas, living room, office, office, building, and so on, these places are using metal beautiful case much more special, and we now these places are better decorative effect, people's living conditions is better! Characteristic of the stainless steel checkered design at the top of the decorative round metal skylight design collocation, thick and add the modern popular adornment element space, individual character make public, yet abrupt, close to the enterprise's high-tech features, in line with the production and office building sets is a body comprehensive functional requirements, simple design language and bright enterprise through the use of color, make the space abounds sense of rhythm and time characteristics, build modern space. Stainless steel checkered hotel name implies is with stainless steel as raw materials, after processing to produce stainless steel stainless steel lattice, and then through the way of titanium coating on the surface of stainless steel checkered plating a layer of titanium golden beautiful case. Surface consists of wire drawing and mirror, two kinds of processing way is also the main every cent two kinds, one kind of laser cutting hollow out, the other is through for the welding of stainless steel pipe. Because very high-end titanium golden bright appearance atmosphere, so often be applied to all kinds of high-grade hotels. Hotel stainless steel checkered processing method of welding is given priority to, is one of the more traditional stainless steel checkered. By looking at us it is not hard to see. The hotel titanium stainless steel checkered is mirror stainless steel tube as raw materials, stainless steel pipe by cutting machine cut into the size of the various needs, and then joining together by means of welding pattern in this picture. After welding will generate welding scar, so the need for polishing processing, after welding scar polished away, on the whole beautiful case by means of polishing mirror polishing, machining process of scratch purpose is to be removed. The overall production is completed, the beautiful case in vacuum furnace of titanium coating on titanium plating processing, such a nice hotel titanium stainless steel checkered processing completed. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, beautiful case provided, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel checkered electroplating and surface treatment technology
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