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Japan should display missiles, here on Chinese ships were 'enveloped

by:KNK     2020-09-09

the original title: warning! Japan should display missiles, here on Chinese ships were 'enveloped'! Japan plans to display in Okinawa missile troop, and had already choice in miyako display the missile troop. According to Japan's asahi shimbun reported on February 27th, there are more than the Japanese authorities, according to the movement, the foshan furniture factory, the Japanese authorities officially surrounding the display on the island of Okinawa to ship missile ( SSM) Expansion joints. To compile a limitation about the team and will be held in the country's security and defense ministry in detail, the effect will rolled into the end of 2018 the proposed new 'defense plan outline or' middle Japanese defense strength development intends to '. Japanese media reported that, in view of the Chinese ships were in palace ancient channel flying into a 'normal', the Japanese authorities had choices in miyako display the missile troop, the plan also display in the main island of Okinawa, is for the sake of warship 'enveloped' for China, to hold. In November 2008, the Chinese navy ships first after palace ancient channel into the Pacific Ocean. From then on, the Chinese ships were heading to the east China sea and the Pacific 'frequent' flying around in the palace, ancient channel. According to the report, the high seas to traffic on the international law there is no problem, KTV furniture, but the defense ministry officials claimed that 'this deal with the americans in the western Pacific business deals, is also a great deal of threat'. Japanese authorities plan to display on the island of Okinawa is the most advanced ground self defence force 12 'type of anti-ship missile team. ' '12' to ship missile range of the transformation from 'type 88' than in the past, up to 200 kilometers. Its about 5 miles in length and weighs about 700 kilograms, foshan metal furniture customization, although also can at any time after the missile launch transmit information about the new position of the ships sailing and mediation 'path, and missile recharge time is shortened greatly. Japan's 12 anti-ship missile launcher ( Data diagram) China shipping communication department has against Japan in Okinawa display of anti-ship missile responded that Japan's military and scale about trend will bring great impact on regional peace. China standoff good-neighborly and friendly communication purpose and prevent sexual defense policy, at the same time will be determined to respond effectively to the peaceful situation change, strong maintenance country land of sovereignty.

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