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Is best tea table and sofa height difference how many?

by:KNK     2020-08-15

when we choose tea table if choose bad, it is easy to drag to the effect of whole sitting room, so we in the choice of tea table of time be sure to choose a suitable for oneself decorates a style of tea table. The best collocation is tea table and sofa in the sitting room, sitting on the sofa, end up a cup of tea taste carefully, it is wonderful that life. But we are in the choice of sofa and tea table, two furniture must pay attention to collocation and highly problems, especially the height problem but also want to consider good, because otherwise we sit in sofa above take things will be very inconvenient. Is best tea table and sofa height difference how many? When selecting a tea table, our principle is to was low and flat, high standard is people sit in the sofa tea table but the height of the knee is the most less than ideal, put in front of the sofa tea table must have enough space, let a person's leg can free activities. The best tea table and sofa height difference how many? Let's to answer in detail. From the ground, the sofa seat height in 38 - probably 48 cm between the situation of the specific need according to their own actual situation to decide, the height is the height of the leg, we so we sat down when the feet can touch the ground at the same time also will not wronged himself in the leg. The height is best and sofa, tea table, of course, can also be slightly higher, picked up something like this would be more convenient. If we choose the sofa of more, then we'd better choice and the height of the sofa. If we want to buy a set of sofa and tea table, can go to the foshan furniture factory have a look at, the foshan furniture factory is located in tongzhou district of foshan city, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of furniture, furniture also supports custom service, can want to custom make a phone call.

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