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Indonesian Project

Indonesian Project


April 3, 2019 The hemisphere ceiling of the large shopping mall square in Jakarta, Indonesia was successfully installed.

Picture 1: The design of a super-large hemisphere with a diameter of 9 meters is very difficult to produce. One of the parts with the wrong curvature will affect the adjacent sections, which will make the appearance of the whole product less than the designer's requirements.

Picture 2: The shopping mall is located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a large-scale integrated shopping mall integrating shopping, dining and amusement facilities.

Picture 3 to picture 5: The hemisphere is 9 meters in diameter, making it difficult to produce and install. 

Picture 6 to picture 7: Installation is very difficult and must be very careful. Otherwise, one of the components will cause problems and the whole product will not be installed, delaying the delivery of the entire project.

Picture 8 to picture 10: Victory completed! The entire installation process took 7 days and a total of 20 installations and engineers participated in the entire installation process.

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