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In the design of contemporary and contracted, coupled with stainless steel screen will have what effect?

by:KNK     2020-10-16
Contemporary and contracted wind stainless steel screen, appearance is concise, and emphasizing the indoor space form and objects of oneness and abstractness. Contemporary and contracted style, as the name implies, is to make all of the details screen, look is so concise and clear, lines require techniques. Indoor decoration contemporary and contracted style, then to cater to the stainless steel screen, very easy is to make interior space looks very concise, atmospheric, transcendental and free from vulgarity. Contemporary and contracted style of home decoration have so a meaning: simple is a way of life, simple is not simple, it needs to be considered, through the innovation of design and the idea of extending, is not a simple 'stack' and 'insipid' put ', not the superficial understanding of 'obvious', decorate the less parts, but in terms of color and layout, on the choice of decoration materials supplement need a lot of sweat, such as the background of the head of a bed design is contracted to only a cross to hang on the wall, but it condenses the designer's unique, already beautiful practical. Simplicity is not lack of design elements, but a higher level of writing. In be being designed indoors, don't have to give up the rules of original architectural space and simplicity, can be arbitrary decorative building a carrier. Stainless steel screen in the design emphasizes the function, structure and form of integrity, the pursuit of material, technology and space depth and accuracy. Using simple interior design, designers have high design accomplishment and practical experience. It need designers into the thick of life, thinking it over and over again, careful observation and crafting. Stainless steel screen using minimal design language to express the deepest design connotation. Of the true, the color is highly concise, very simple shape. On the premise of satisfying the needs of the function, space, people and things reasonable delicate, refined strokes, rich and moving space effect. Modern minimalist interior design decoration, to have the functions of regulating. Some articles describe: at home, see contracted stainless steel screen, better mood immediately. For modern young people, the cause of pressure and complicated social parties make them more need a simple and comfortable environment, give their own heart a relaxing space. Is not limited and unlimited freedom to relax, many users of domestic outfit stylist is one of the first request. In decorating a process, a relatively simple process and low cost, has been accepted by the many working-class users. The home installs stainless steel screen is suitable for every family. According to the characteristics of the user to contemporary and contracted style decoration, contemporary and contracted style is mainly composed of curve and irregular lines, such as flower vine, grape teng or insect wings, all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design of the nature, embodied in the interior walls, railings, window and furniture decoration. Gentle elegant lines or elegant and full of rhythm, the entire three-dimensional shape and the irregular curve in an orderly way. Can use some technology of stainless steel components, stainless steel screen partition and other products, ceramic products, such as the integrated use of the interior decoration on collocation, must pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication oh when adornment, add artistic new idea for interior decoration. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen become indispensable to modern life home decoration
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