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In the daily life of cloth art sofa maintain and clean

by:KNK     2020-08-01

the modern young people all like cloth art sofa, because of cloth art sofa sofa cloth style good-looking, conforms to modern people's interests, it can use cotton or linen cloth, look chic and contracted, dotted with our favorite pattern on cloth, make cloth art sofa look sweet and comfortable, but it is easy to dirty cloth art sofa, cleaning becomes a big problem. So how to cleaning and maintenance of cloth art sofa?

in the daily life of cloth art sofa maintain and clean

when we accidentally will eat out on the sofa, then we will immediately wash, but we only have besmirch place for cleaning, we can use a special detergent for cleaning cloth art sofa, can't use a lot of water for cleaning of avoid by all means, prevent water seeping into the sofa, sofa framework and be affected with damp be affected with damp sponge.

when the surface of cloth art sofa is dirty or have large stains, sand can be removed for cleaning, tan I will try to fold pull out flat, because of cloth art sofa sofa cloth are not recommended for ironing. If we wash not to drop stain, can ask professional door-to-door service of cloth art sofa cleaning team.

the cleanness of cloth art sofa probably in a week or so, at ordinary times when we can use wool pat dry, clean with cleaner finally avoid, suction is likely to lead to excessive cloth art sofa sofa cloth is bad.

cloth art sofa should be at least a year with special detergent cleaning cloth art sofa, after the cleaning is used to wash it clean, so as to guarantee the clean of cloth art sofa, is favorable to the maintenance of the cloth art sofa.

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