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In shake the dangers of scale and removing methods

by:KNK     2020-08-21

electric kettle used long after will produce scale, the scale will be what's the harm? How to remove? Then for a minute. Scale of the dangers of the first scale will affect heat transfer, if scale too much can lead to an explosion caused by uneven local heating and hot water. Second long have scale contains many of the sediment, and the hot water pot also can produce trace metal elements, including lead-zinc heavy metals such as arsenic, is harmful to human body. Scale removal method one: baking soda to division: first of all take half a tablespoon of baking soda, and then tune into a paste with water, there was no oil again with a clean cloth with baking soda, and then dip the cloth in electric kettle scaling of baking soda in addition to wipe back and forth. Finally wash clean with clear water, you can find hot water at the bottom of the scale. But in the clean burning after the first pot of water do not drink, used for disinfection, used to drink for a second time. 2: egg shell and division: will break and then into the egg shell is equipped with around a third in shake to sway, after eggs naturally, in the material to absorb the scale clean, but this method is relatively more troublesome, compared with the first good and clean effect is not the first one.

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