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Improve sleep bedroom feng shui layout

by:KNK     2020-08-08

sleep every night is the bedroom of feng shui, mostly good feng shui bedroom will make our sleep quality improved, making us from insomnia, let's for the bedroom feng shui layout method to improve sleep.

1, the light of the bedroom,

in the day when our bedroom light wants bright but not dazzling, and at night, you need is dark, so rest during the day, and in the evening also can avoid the interference of light, can let us get to sleep early.

2, placement of the bedroom,

is not suitable for placed too much furniture in the bedroom, and in the bedroom is not suitable for placing a mirror, if you really want to place also will its hidden, otherwise will make our relationship estrangement, but also affects children's fortunes. Don't put too many plants in the bedroom at the same time, if desired, it is good to put a bowl in the bedroom to two, too much words can and people for oxygen, so we sleep well.

3, the bed put

in the first place, must be close to the walls of the head of a bed, have & quot; Support & quot; , don't leave neutral. Head of a bed near, beds, can let a person produce emotional ups and downs, deep, severe cases can lead to schizophrenia. Secondly, not at the door of the head of a bed, feng shui in call this situation & quot; Door to rush & quot; , also do not want to the window, so easily affected by foreign ShaQi, let a person produce illusion, frequent nightmares, affect sleep. And then we don't close to the hearth of the head of a bed, otherwise will make our mood.

4, and other aspects the

we don't have the bed in place of the phenomenon of beam coping, above the head at the same time it is best not to install the droplight with large, and the colour of the bedroom is not too miscellaneous, when trying to choose the best to choose the color of quietly elegant, that will make our bedroom looks more comfortable, for with a toilet in the bedroom, we'd better not let toilet door on our bed.

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