How to prevent the upscale furniture hardware stainless steel rust?

by:KNK     2020-09-13
High-grade hardware furniture because of its fashionable appearance, and cost-effective gradually into the family, high-grade hardware furniture is metal, however, if the home high-grade hardware furniture rusted. What should I do? What we share is how to avoid rust stainless steel furniture.

1, don't put the stainless steel furniture in wet local, cannot use wet cloth to wipe the stainless steel furniture. In the wash with soap and water or detergent wipe stainless steel folding chair, or the appearance of sofa, try not to wet metal plating pieces. Otherwise, the stainless steel layer and paint falls off a simple rust.

2, found that the stainless steel parts is tan mesh spot, can use neuter oil often brush try, in case the stainless steel mesh spots continue to expand coating degradation of rust.

3, for already rust stainless steel furniture shall be carried out in a timely cleaning, but do not use sandpaper. Small plating parts can be put into the oil soaked overnight in the basin, big or cotton dips in with the brush plating pieces can apply to the rust, oil and wiped a few times back and forth can get rid of rust.

4, coated with rust inhibitor on stainless steel pieces, at ordinary times can act as rust.

share the content of the above is high-grade hardware furniture, hope to be able to help you.
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