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How to prevent rust stainless steel furniture

by:KNK     2020-07-24

we know stainless steel furniture is not easy to damage, like other furniture in terms of quality is certainly no bones about it. But we will worry about rust stainless steel furniture home to do, how to prevent the stainless steel furniture does not rust? For that matter, can take a look at a solution. 1, do not put the stainless steel furniture in damp places, more can't use wet cloth to wipe the stainless steel furniture. In wash with soap and water or detergent to wipe the surface of the stainless steel folding chair or sofa, try not to wet metal plating pieces. Otherwise, the stainless steel layer and paint easy peeling rust. 2, found that brown mesh on the surface of the stainless steel in spot, can use neuter oil often brush try, in case the stainless steel protective layer mesh spot continued to expand the degradation of rust. 3, to rust removing rust stainless steel furniture should be timely, but don't use sand paper burnish. Small plating pieces can fit into a containing oil soaked overnight in the basin, large pieces of plating can dip in with the brush or cotton yarn oil apply rust, after a moment to wipe back and forth a few times can remove rust. 4, usually in stainless steel coated with anti-rust agent, can play the role of rust. In fact it is not difficult to, in accordance with the method of giving can prevent rust stainless steel furniture. This company specialized production processing stainless steel decoration products, if necessary, please contact phone number: 13552810610

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