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How to maintain office desks and chairs

by:KNK     2020-08-25

office desk and chair is essential of office furniture, office furniture and the use of very frequent, therefore completes the maintenance of office desks and chairs is particularly important, here is how to maintain on the office desk and chair. Residual: 1, office desks and chairs to avoid moisture if accidentally pour water on the table at ordinary times, should immediately with dishcloth to clean it, to avoid moisture remain in corrosion desk on the table, and clean to also want to use dry cloth to scrub. 2, office desks and chairs to avoid direct sunlight, the sun directly according to the service life of office desks and chairs can make office chairs and tables, and if it's wooden desks will crack. So the office desk and chair to place away from direct sunlight, or with thin transparent window screen cloth insulated direct sunlight. 3, office desks and chairs to repair: office desks and chairs to use after a period of time, there will be a abrasion, scratch, or scars, this time we can use the service to the original factory renovation, so after a renovation and as a new furniture.

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