How to identify the stainless steel furniture

by:KNK     2020-09-04

in the identification of stainless steel furniture, mainly divides into two parts, one part is determining if a furniture materials used in stainless steel, the other part is the material of stainless steel furniture. Stainless steel furniture, almost all of the features are related to stainless steel, now a lot of manufacturers in order to seek high profits, with some other material imitation stainless steel, many don't understand the customer is hard to distinguish from the outside. Stainless steel furniture also is divided into two kinds of models 304 and 201, 304 of them to be more expensive, the corresponding use longer and more beautiful. These will make criminals to gaming. So understanding how to identify stainless steel furniture is a very important thing. 1, whether for stainless steel stainless steel furniture, the better identify some, believe a lot of people know, with magnet. This is just a rough identification way because chromium nickel stainless steel under the conditions of annealing and no magnetic, but after cold working is magnetic. We need to do is first through the way of sulfur, brass, stainless steel furniture drip a drop of water on the surface, then wipe the surface with sulfur brass, if you don't change color, is the stainless steel. 2, 304 or 201 stainless steel furniture is this are need professional tools to identify, now on the market has a lot of sell stainless steel testing potion. Water droplets on the surface of the stainless steel furniture that clean medicine, then place the battery cathode in drip into the potion ( Be careful not to come into contact with the stainless steel) , the anode is connected to the stainless steel, after the drip and electricity, different material will show different color, concrete the potion specifications shall prevail. Another is not electricity, drops of medicine water directly, if turned into a brown one second to say the material is 201. If drop in more than 50 seconds 304 slowly become weak gray, there will be a different length and color, the main reason is that 304 more not easily by oxidation. The above content is the method how to identify the stainless steel furniture, stainless steel furniture hot degree rise every year now. This is mainly because stainless steel furniture, green environmental protection, long time, if use other materials instead of, you won't choose. So a lot of people will use inferior stainless steel, even for high quality stainless steel iron for the production of furniture. That we must pay attention to, especially customer plan to buy stainless steel furniture.

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