How to distinguish inferior children furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-05

we can give them to children's healthy growth to decorate room of a children of their own, so they can within your own space to play and learn. When we were children room is decorated in the most trouble is the choice of children furniture, because the quality of the above children furniture market now is uneven, we don't know which one furniture is environmental protection, no harm to the child. Today we're going to teach you how to distinguish inferior children furniture.

how to distinguish inferior children furniture

1, don't buy 3 without the product: we are in when choosing furniture manufacturer is the best choice of formal or well-known manufacturers to buy, do not buy the sort of small workshops production there is no guarantee that children's furniture.

3, don't buy the hole unreasonable furniture: when the choose and buy should check carefully whether the children furniture holes on the card a child's risk of finger injury, had better not buy products hole design is not reasonable.

4, don't buy stability bad furniture: buy ark class children furniture should pay attention to observe its stable enough, with his hands shaking or open cupboard door pull forward, check to see if the furniture is in danger of dumping.

5, don't buy a closed furniture: buy closed-end children furniture should pay attention to see if have enough air holes, avoid buying enclosed furniture without air holes, when the children are playing in case encountered dangerous.

6, don't buy too flexible furniture: here is a flexible furniture drawer or the door shut, it is easy to so a do not pay attention to words may be to clip to the child's hand or foot, cause harm to the child, so we when trying to choose the best for the furniture is not very flexible, so that it can avoid the harm.

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