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How to choose the stainless steel furniture

by:KNK     2020-07-21

today was stainless steel furniture, furniture selection to attaches great importance to the appearance and quality, exquisite furniture customization, tailored, more and more agree with the style of the hotel. Stainless steel furniture manufacturers expect your hotel looks fine and easy. Custom fit size of the stainless steel furniture and decoration style hotel practice, can get good effect.
1, hotel furniture color selection is relatively dark. Relative to the furniture of light color fastens, broken and stain nor too brief and more resistant to dirty.
2, choose the style of furniture to brief and easy. General hotel room decoration in the sense that gives a person is concise wide demand, so on the selection of furniture needs choose furniture modelling concise and easy.
3, cover the hotel furniture flat-fell seam is lax yan. If the cover has a beat, blister, flat-fell seam is lax, primary effect beautiful, secondly the impression of the guests to the hotel will be discounted.
4, hotel furniture structure is strong. If furniture is rocked to sit on, make sound of twisting, give a person a kind of uncomfortable feeling, so make sure the quality of the furniture.

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