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How to choose and buy leather sofa

by:KNK     2020-08-02

with the improvement of living standards, more and more people like to buy leather sofa, the dermal sofa of variable quality on the market, however, want to buy a leather sofa really difficult, so it is we need to know the dermal sofa of choose and buy skills, so that we can choose to let our contentment of dermal sofa.

how to choose and buy leather sofa

we must first identify the fabrics of leather sofa, leather sofa your window is made of leather, natural leather leather without rules, and press will have a chrysanthemum, and the natural leather, by fiber woven and imitation leather is not.

then we will see the skeleton of sofa: sofa skeleton strong or not is directly related to the service life of sofa and quality assurance. Nail into a good sofa, it is necessary to use the wood frame, side with plate fixation. Check the specific approach is to lift the sofa sofa skeleton of a head, pay attention to when 10 cm from the ground up parts, whether the other end of the leg from the ground, only the other side, from the ground to frame is solid, if not to loose description framework is not strong enough.

and then the inspection of the sofa back stretch: check the way we sit on it directly, and take a long time, after see sofa can bounce, if pop-up shows sofa rebound ability is strong, if not that is sofa springback poor ability can't buy.

the last is to look at the detail processing of sofa, detail processing is good, can tell whether a manufacturer work attitude seriously. Could we see the sofa whether level off, it is comfortable to touch, sofa legs have mat, there is cohesion is very good, have a chance of line and so on.

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