How to choose and buy furniture, the furniture from potential hazards

by:KNK     2020-08-18

the home is the place where we live every day, so we must be cautious when decorating, especially when furniture of choose and buy more carefully, because we buy furniture may contain a lot we didn't pay attention to the hidden trouble, let's give furniture of hidden trouble and how should we buy furniture to avoid this kind of hidden dangers. Furniture of the potential hazard: one is the furniture there is always some pungent odor when buy, 2 it is to use furniture will soon appear stretched out does loose, glue phenomenon such as deformation, 3 it is the joint of furniture appear the phenomenon such as cracking or bug eat by moth. How to 1, we are buying furniture furniture of choose and buy when compared to the material of furniture in general, log furniture and solid wood furniture than board type furniture is environmental protection, but stable log furniture performance than solid wood furniture, and wood hardness, humidity and other factors will affect the service life of the furniture, in the wood, basswood, Africa balsa wood, white walnut, boxwood poor tree species such as hardness. 2, the appearance of the furniture is very important when buying furniture, if it is solid wood furniture, can detect the moisture content, clear wood grain degree, smooth degree, smell is abnormal, etc. ; If the board type furniture, check the sealing side whether is rigorous, hardware whether to loosen, stick a face texture is uniform and so on. If is paint furniture, suggest you also check whether smooth, no wrinkles the phenomenon such as paint. 3, furniture to have stability when choosing furniture we must choose furniture is relatively stable, we can personally experience the validation of furniture is strong validation of furniture at the same time the bearing capacity of how, gently shake the furniture look to whether have a noise or shake, if so we don't buy. 4, the furniture of environmental protection if furniture smell pungent smell, so we don't buy, because this kind of furniture formaldehyde content is higher.

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