How should maintain ShuFu to at the beginning of our furniture?

by:KNK     2020-08-16

today is the first day of ShuFu, next month will be in the hot weather, can only be in this weather, we must be good whitening sunscreen processing, otherwise easy to cause harm to the skin. Actually in sorching summer, not only we need to do a good job of sunscreen, even our furniture to prevent bask in work, so how should maintain summer furniture? Here are the different furniture in the summer the maintenance method of cloth art sofa cloth art sofa in the sun too long, will make the fabric becomes old, at the same time also will make the cloth fade, especially if the sun uneven, there will be a piece of a situation, and lay on the sofa, the sweat will seep into the sofa, can feel adhesional wetting lay down again. This time you need us to develop good water imbibition sofa sofa towel or bamboo mat, and want to often wash cloth art sofa, want to put it in the shade at the same time, or when the sun is hard to draw the curtains. Leather sofa leather sofa in the summer with a dry cloth to wipe, should also choose a special cleaning products to clean and care products, lest produce cracked. At the same time the room to dry, but don't let the sun. Wooden furniture wooden furniture, if not in the summer to do a good job of sunscreen would expansion deformation, serious when still can produce cracks. So we in the summer to keep it away from air conditioner and heat source, in this way can avoid aging caused by the temperature difference, at the same time when the sun will curtains, avoid direct sun, and the best in the drawer and sliding door of a layer of wax to prevent because of expanding the opening and closing of difficulties. The material of furniture not only these, as well as other materials, but these material of furniture in the maintenance of convenient, there is a general method, avoid direct sunlight and make efforts to prevent bask in, at the same time, to be diligent about clean, neither in a damp place also do not put in place too hot.

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