How should maintain glass furniture?

by:KNK     2020-08-24

glass transparent quiet, give a person a kind of pure feeling, and with the development of technology, now the glass is becoming more and more stronger but also have other colors of glass. And now made of glass glass furniture is widely applied in life, like a glass coffee table, glass, glass table, TV ark, etc. But the glass furniture looks beautiful but it is easy to be scratched, which requires more attention to our daily life, so how do we maintain glass furniture? Vitreous furniture should be placed where security is not easy to meet, because touch could items scratches on the surface of the glass surface, and especially the child's home it is easy to appear this kind of circumstance, so we can in our daily life to vitreous furniture surface a layer of plastic film, to prevent the scratches. Vitreous furniture must prohibit exposure, the composition of the glass is silicon dioxide, through chemical reaction change and made items. If home some TV ark is glass, will appear in all have contemporary feeling, but the glass if put in direct sunlight for long time, easy to cause household aging ahead of time, or because of excessive thermal cracking may occur even explosive. So when the sun insolates, we can pull the curtain to keep out sunshine. In daily cleaning with water to wipe the glass furniture is good, if there are any oil or dirt we can use the vinegar or toothpaste wash, and glass furniture with wet dishcloth after must use clean cotton cloth to wipe it again, so you can make vitreous furniture bright and clean. And glass furniture is easy to become dirty, if not to clean a few days, then the glass furniture has a layer of dust on the surface, which also will be a small solid particles, so we want first before cleaning glass furniture with a small broom to sweep the dust on the surface of the drop in cleaning, prevent solid particles cut glass.

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