How long is the life of stainless steel furniture?

by:KNK     2020-07-23

now foshan hardware furniture factory will give you professional profile stainless steel furniture life how long?
now main stainless steel furniture chooses stainless steel raw materials mostly stainless steel and stainless steel two kinds commonly, and the two different materials prone, generally stainless steel because the price cheap, so use a little more. Cheap for a reason, of course, it is generally use stainless steel is better than stainless steel furniture stature is short, and more simple by corrosion and rust.
of course actually belongs to a type of stainless steel, although more simple rust, but relative to iron or other metal using the stature or longer, but details of the moment is to through the understanding of the anatomy of the raw material. The use of stainless steel furniture taking normal normal circumstances will not rust in 4, 5 years, but use time long will appear vague appearance, texture variation. If in some coastal cities outside, the rust will be faster.
where the air is humid, if placed in the sea by seawater immersion, the composition of seawater with alkaline corrosion, will in a short time to form general rust stainless steel furniture. If you want to use full stainless steel furniture more persistent, claims placed in indoor use, and to keep the product less as far as possible in daily life and some soup, acid alkaline detergents and other corrosive goods contact.
in general the general use of stainless steel furniture stature associated with using environment, environment more boring no corrosive objects, using life is longer. So that if you want to generally stainless steel furniture has longer using life, try to place it in a few high quality temporary use of the environment.
but stainless steel furniture is a lot better, so if you are placed on the outside, perhaps use environment is not very good, as far as possible choose stainless steel furniture.

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