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How glass furniture of choose and buy

by:KNK     2020-08-03

glass furniture looks shiny is very beautiful, and under the shine of the sun and light, will make our homes more beautiful, but the glass furniture easily broken, allowing us to use the time must be careful caress, otherwise it is easy to be broken. , of course, if we choose good solid glass when the choose and buy, can to a certain degree of the above to avoid the happening of this matter. So how are our glass furniture of choose and buy?

how glass furniture of choose and buy

first of all, we in the choose and buy when it is a good idea to consider is the size of glass furniture, only the right size, would not affect its visual effect and use of the effect to the person, and suitable size we met is not easy, so in choosing furniture must first determine its size.

the second should consider its safety, national standards, 10 mm thick glass mesa if only four protection, should be 65 kg; Mesa falls to the ground from 80 cm high, even the granite ground will not be broken; In addition, still can resistance to high temperature 300 ℃, if the vitreous mesa on gas furnace, Fried eggs, Fried steak on the surface of the glass table without any problems.

then in addition to security, but also its support material, good support is usually made of metal materials of extrusion, no need for welding and fixed, but high strength adhesives to bonding, make beautiful modelling is exceptionally smooth.

the last is to consider the quality problem of the glass furniture, we in the choice to the sales staff must ask clear, otherwise if the quality of the glass is not good, is likely to appear crack, also let the manufacturer to produce the safety certificate to guarantee the quality of glass furniture. And no matter what we choose the shape of glass furniture, we all want to choose is sleek glass furniture edges and corners, so wouldn't hurt a person easily.

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