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How do white there are stains on the floor clean

by:KNK     2020-08-21

white floor with besmirch we how to cleaning? Certainly not enough steel balls to wash, because steel wire ball easy to ceramic tile surface scratch, so the next time a stain is bad to deal with, so what is the correct cleaning method? Let's take a look at it if ceramic tile is rust stains with above, we can use the fresh lemon juice and then drop on the rust stains and repeatedly rub it with dry cloth, then wash with soap and water and good, if there is no fresh lemon, can be replaced with vitamin C tablets. If the ceramic tile with vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments, above can be used to clean lavatory spirit, but after cleaning remember ventilation or clean with soap in again, lavatory spirit flavor will be removed. If you have any ink sink in ceramic tile above, can be clean with toothpaste. If ceramic tile above carelessly and stains, such as the tea, ice cream, beer, we can use the base surface erased by water.

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