Hotel stainless steel partition straightforward design principles, as well as home decoration

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Metal which have high gloss, as well as its features, Not afraid of non-perishable water) Can choose when decorate, make a lot of high-end hotels with stainless steel partition to the transition space. It also can make whole space more fully. With stainless steel partition can be divided into the space is not very obvious. Not space because of dining-room to modelling design in the loose, make your space more beautiful shape. In fact, we are in contact with many clients in decorating a partition, the hotel is a set of simple design principle, the principle, decorated in the home also can refer to. According to you and your requirements to the overall effect of the functional design of a half appear ( Beautiful lighting good) , might be able to do (on the top of the To receive practical space) 。 Hollow out landing screen as the partition between dining-room and sitting room, can not only give a person with mental space space indicated that also can assure the illicit close sex of the sitting room, when the host sat on the sofa rest, will not be at gate of strangers. With the screen of the dark color, texture and floor and restaurant form harmonious echo, hollow out of the hole and can let light pass through, thereby ensuring porch area of natural light during the day. To move the glass door as partition model, but the use of glass at the bottom of the double-faced ambry as store content ark, can put the decorative arts to make the space body, and have the effect of partition, make the whole kitchen and dining room partition image vivid and exquisite. Window as the partition between kitchen and dining-room, put a little on the window decoration, both to have the effect of partition, and can make the space more artistic. Articles by: stainless steel partition foshan metal products co. , LTD provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: what role to play in different scenarios of stainless steel screen
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