Home decoration to person body good health

by:KNK     2020-08-22

modern people's living standard is getting better and better, also more and more attention to people's health problems. Will pay special attention to in the home decoration, decoration but not all people know how to just can have profit to the body, we will read below. Don't put too much in the home of plants: indoor plants is put to be able to give a person a kind of lively feeling, but not much good, should be few and well chosen, so that both can adjust the mood also can avoid to cause visual fatigue. The curtain should choose to: flocking fabric curtain is relatively heavy, can have very good sound-absorbing, shading effect, and choose the curtain of red and black color, more conducive to sleep. Ceramic tile to choose inferior smooth brick, white, metallic ceramic tile reflective strong sex, use for a long time may lead to myopia and cataract, so it's not suitable for large area is used, had better choose inferior smooth brick. Old mattress don't always sleep side: mattress sleep a sleep after, so it is easy to cause the spring deformation mattresses are turned over to sleep. Don't put too much oil painting in the room: painting pigments containing a certain amount of arsenic, barium, lead, mercury and other elements, if human body excessive intake, may do harm to health.

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