Home cleaning supplies tips

by:KNK     2020-08-15

a lot of items in the home, have a lot in cleaning is bad when cleaning, sometimes even cleaned up the effect is not very good. For here is a clean household items tip 1, with egg white to wipe dirty leather sofa with wipe clean flannelette to dip some egg qing dynasty, can remove stains and dermal sofa leather face shining first. 2, use milk to clean wooden furniture take clean dishcloth dip in expired milk, and then used to wipe the table, cabinet, such as wooden furniture, have good decontamination effect, final reoccupy clear water to clean it again. 3, apple and degreasing of stainless steel kitchen sink generally have a lot of oil, this time we apple to check the oil can be used to wipe, can clean off, this is because the stone of the fruit contains pectin, has the very good except for the oil dirties. 4, in addition to the carpet with salt soup with young children, the home of the carpet is likely to have soup, this time don't use wet cloth to wipe, should be the moisture blot with a dry cloth, and then in the place of besmirch sprinkle salt, after being salt surface infiltration absorption, reoccupy cleaner is sucked, finally flat carpet with a brush. 5, we can be close to the stove in the kitchen with plastic wrap and opportunely metope put a layer of plastic wrap, so the stain will stay in the surface of the plastic wrap and won't stick to the wall. Will wrap to tear after several weeks, and then to affix, can reduce the cleaning time, still can keep the walls clean.

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