Hollow out the stainless steel screen generally choose how thick?

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Hollow out many are laser cutting of stainless steel, in view of the limitation of laser machine, now is too thick sheet metal laser cutting machine cut out, not so smooth, incision prone to excess burr, it also need to deal with the subsequent polishing grinding, more manpower cost, processing cost will be high up, natural stainless steel screen selling price will increase. In general a family to decorate industrial use 5 mm thick plate is enough, we also suggest customers to use 5 mm thick stainless steel screen. 5 mm thick hollow stainless steel screen this material in terms of price is not expensive, high cost performance, very friendly, the general economic strength of families can buy used. 5 mm thick hollow stainless steel screen, also can meet customer demand for ornamental stereo feeling. 5 mm thickness stainless steel screen, moderate hardness, not too thin, hollow out of stainless steel screen, change the original shape for a screen. We all know that a lot of things is too thin, easy to bend. Will be no aesthetic feeling. 5 mm thick hollow stainless steel screen, the weight is not too heavy, the moving and installation time won't because of the heavy items and cause unnecessary trouble. Of course if there are special requirements, we would have had a good flexibility. Screen is customized, many customers fantastical imagination can contain among them, let alone is only a matter of thickness, but in the end still want according to their own actual situation to decide. Stainless steel screen is made up of a number of units joined by welding method, lap joint interface are welding with argon arc welding method, make each unit between firmly together, after grinding, polishing, or drawing, color plating technology, become the finished product we see at ordinary times the stainless steel screen. Welding work much more: 1, stainless steel screen, most of them are made of pipes, plate, flat steel, made of steel tubes with flat screen, amount of welding process will be a lot more, plank hollow out of stainless steel screen welding process will be a bit less. But on the cost, hollow out screen does not necessarily cheaper than screen pipe do. 2, welding way: with spot welding and welding welding way; Spot welding, Fillet weld) is Welding workload is small, the entire welding ( Full welding) Work is bigger, so the screen of the screen than the spot welding of all-welded construction cost will be higher than that of 200 - Artificial cost 400 yuan/square meters. Second, the stainless steel screen is good, with full welding process or welding process? Full welding seamless welding or what we say at ordinary times, after the welding pass grinding, wire drawing or polishing process, the finished product after welding cracks are invisible. And spot welding process, there would be fillet welding process, is on the corner of the Angle of Yang and Yin in transition of the spot welding, look from the front screen in the past, can see the gap of the interface. The size of the gap, and are of great master master cutting, welding, the relationship between ace the Lao shifu spot welding to product gap is very small, of course, aperture is small, the better. The screen of the spot welding welding structure and firm, because solder joints has fused the original stainless steel material to melt together, become a new structure, so it is strong. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, beautiful case provided, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen partition garnish with new trend
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