High quality 3 d printing metal furniture

by:KNK     2020-09-08

digital sculptor Janne
kyttanen specializes in 3 d printing, with a virtual way to increase the design of strong reality. Design exhibition in Miami, introduced the theme of 'wandering the boundaries of sculpture and furniture show. Janne kyttanen blend of the two kinds of different materials for production, the result is a organic volcanic obsidian, converted into a liquid metal mesh. And such a production process, also let Janne
kyttanen feel exploring alternative method with the combination of different materials, can will not be able to become a reality, 'if we can use explosion welding material, blend together. We use 3 d technology to control that power, what will happen? We can create what kind of mixing material? 'Creating a dynamic metsidian. While metsidian as a harmonious combination of otherworldly form and daily function. In addition to sculpture, Janne
kyttanen also made furniture, such as the tea table of the metal structure, also is a kind of dynamic metsidian show, its surface is also the current situation of the liquid metal fusion, furniture is also very obvious, the advantages of stable structure. In addition, there are many works showed metsidian advantage. 'Macedonia' tray is Janne
kyttanen signature design work, and has set up a permanent collection at the museum of modern art. Its shape is like soap bubbles, bronze design exhibition show in Miami. Research on creative practice of kyttanen evidence of 3 d printing is a gold-plated copper seats, it is also a complex geometry structure of diamond. In addition, there is a design, also known as apparel design, made of 24 k gold, ring neck and wear, domineering all show.

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