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Having an impossible without formaldehyde

by:KNK     2020-09-09

Shanghai Jane momentum verve beauty furniture custom value, choose senna senna Meg LTD foshan furniture co. , LTD. , the origin of the low value: our product price can let all employers informant. All in all, plate zui big interest is generally better than real wood on the mechanical function. Employers are this kind of mentality, it is not completely wrong, 'no aldehyde is no board', have a board can not no aldehyde. Objectively speaking, from the point of 'environmental protection' bedroom, the VOC content of real wood was far below the sheet. From the point of 'the global environmental protection', use plank in yi level mitigation resources dries up, help grow up in a row. Modern wood furniture solid wood and wood veneer is also used in many of the current market in guangdong some common are as follows: 1, mahogany, black walnut, walnut wood zui in a kind of high quality, mainly produced in North America and Europe. Shanghai Jane momentum verve beauty furniture customization refers to northern Europe Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland momentum verve of interior and furniture design. Due to the five countries near the North Pole, cold climate, forest resources rich thick, foshan custom software furniture factory, thus formed the unique interior decoration verve. Nordic home to return to nature, advocating log lasting appeal, coupled with modern, practical, fine art design momentum verve, reaction in modern will be another kind of thinking in post-modern society bias. The foundations of the Nordic momentum verve energy is: pay attention to results, design on wages. Natural simplicity of boreal Europe furniture appearance has strength, brilliance, hotel sofa, advocating log lasting appeal, emerged the Nordic people in the pursuit of high quality living. 2 kinds of material: yellow cedar, fir, fokienia hodginsii, wood, lantern fish catch, pear wood, niche wood, beech, German oak, quercus spinosa, mulberry, common jujube, yellow polo, ash. Types of materials: larch, spruce, pine, hemlock, venge, cercis chinensis, soft cocobolo, locust tree, birch, chestnut, schima superba, maple wood. Four types of material: maple, alder, hackberry, tan, white silk oak, red gum, eucalyptus, paulownia. Five kinds of materials: sample, cypress, Chinese beech, balsa wood, endospermum, Holly, tallow, persimmon wood. Annatto, for example, it combines elegant refined and elegant with in one, foshan sofa factory, so the favour of consumers. Jane momentum verve beauty furniture material furniture is custom value by all kinds of material pass by a series of skills of processing and manufacturing, the material is the basic structure of vertical chamber with substances. So the furniture design in addition to the use of results, the foundation of tasteful and process requirements, and the material also closely united xi. Therefore, requires the designers must do the following: 1, familiar with the types of the original material, function, specification and origin; 2, according to the existing material to design a product of the superior xiu, best advantage; 3, good at operating all kinds of new material, in order to improve the quality of the product and increase product regards sex american-style American furniture out emphasis on comfort, style, practical and more results. From modeling, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, new classical and village verve. Nostalgic, romantic and respect for the time American furniture zui good evaluation. After the break the scope of the modern concise single eclecticism, whatever, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign to the satisfaction of all residential living are recycled as needed. Postmodern momentum verve of interior design, space combination is very huge. Often operating configuration partition, screen, pillar or fireplace gimmick to make space sense of organized Jane momentum verve beauty furniture custom 1, according to the momentum verve furniture can be divided into: modern furniture, postmodern furniture, European classical furniture and American furniture, Chinese style classic furniture, new classic furniture, new decoration furniture, Korean rural furniture, furniture of the Mediterranean. 2, according to the material used in furniture can be divided into: jade furniture, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, the cane makes up furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel-wood furniture, and other material such as glass, marble, ceramic, inorganic minerals, fiber fabric, resin, etc.

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