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Hardware furniture factory has analyzed the characteristics of stainless steel furniture?

by:KNK     2020-09-15
A, hardware furniture factory to introduce the features of stainless steel for you:
1, weldability: the purpose of the different requirement for welding performance are different. Kind of tableware generally do not require the performance of welding, even including some pot class enterprise. But the vast majority of products all need raw materials welding performance is good, like the 2 kinds of tableware, thermos flask, steel pipes, water heaters, water dispensers, etc.
2, corrosion resistance, the vast majority of stainless steel for corrosion resistant performance is good, like a, 2 kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, water heaters, water dispensers, etc. , some foreign businessmen on corrosion resistance of products also do experiment: in NACL aqueous solution heated to boiling, after a period of time the best solution, wash and drying, weight loss, to determine the degree of corrosion, Note: the product polishing, because of the sand cloth or sandpaper containing Fe, will cause the test surface rust spots) 。
2, hardware furniture manufacturer of stainless steel polishing performance: in today's society in the production of stainless steel products after polishing the process commonly, when only a handful of products such as water heaters, water dispenser tank do not need to be polished. So this will require materials polishing performance is very good. The factors influencing polishing performance mainly include the following:
1, the raw material surface defects. Such as scratch, pitting, pickling, etc.
2, raw material problem. The hardness is too low, easy throw light when polishing ( BQ sex is bad) , and the hardness is too low, the surface easily when deep drawing appear orange peel phenomenon, which affects the BQ. Relatively high hardness of BQ sex is good.
3, after deep drawing products, great deformation area surface will be a small black spots and RIDGING, thus affecting the BQ.
3, metal furniture, heat-resistant stainless steel furniture manufacturer for your heat resistant performance refers to the high temperature stainless steel can still maintain its excellent physical and mechanical properties. And the furniture stainless steel corrosion resistance: when the atomic number of chromium content in steel not less than 12. 5% when, can make the steel electrode potential mutations, the negative potential to the positive electrode potential. To prevent electrochemical corrosion.
share the content of the above is hardware furniture factory, hope can help to you.
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