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Hardware accessories in metal office furniture plays the role of this how

by:KNK     2020-07-21

according to the world the expert introduction of household, for furniture, the furniture quality and the grade of the primary embodies in the selection of hardware accessories. Furniture is difficult to use, in large part because of furniture hardware accessories due to improper selection may lack, metal office furniture now more and more important role in our life. The industry as the saying goes: 'only have corresponding hardware fittings, very complex multi-function furniture can be made. 'Said the industry, furniture hardware accessories in the value of 5%, but 85% running comfort. The importance of visible hardware accessories in furniture. Metal office furniture according to the set can be divided into two categories, general and special, the former consists of hinge, hinge, slide rail, etc. , which contains bath hardware, kitchen accessories and so on. The hinge, slide, hinges and locks in life use frequency is highest, therefore is more important. In recent years, due to the advancing of the customer requirements, puts forward greater demand on hardware accessories and higher requirements. Metal office furniture more is to emphasize its mechanical properties, rust, moisture resistance, fatigue performance of activities such as quality. In today's domestic outfit increasingly demand personalization and integrity, metal office furniture in addition to satisfying the above functional, but also the decoration and let a person shine at the moment and the overall integrity of form a complete set of domestic outfit style. Take the shake handshandle of the most common, in addition to the stainless steel hand salad on the market at present, there are black, tan, light chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent lacquer, on modelling, with European style, Chinese style, regular, abnormity and so on, to the satisfaction of customer diversified needs. Unify the household experts also said that due to the effect of metal office furniture in the furniture is no longer just decoration activity components and parts, its function is more and more strong, involved in the category of also more and more widely, to furniture manufacturing enterprises advance production efficiency, reduce cost and advance the quality of the products, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets, regulations benefits have played an active effect. Follow the development of industrial technology, office furniture is made by hand before, development to the present the mechanization of batch production. Hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative have higher requirements. Diversification of base material, the structure change and the increase of the use function.

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