Ge you lie effects on our health

by:KNK     2020-08-20

recently, ge you lay the puzzling will fire up in the network, it is ge you played in the 'I love my family' JiChunSheng classic posture, twenty years it with overwhelming attitude appeared in public view. Classic comedy character expressions were dug grave, reshape and interpretation, it is not accidental network events, but a web celebrity age, popular culture and the inevitable result of netizens sensibilities change. Into now, decadent, cynicism, his behavior perverse, pressure is more and more big, the work is more and more busy, earn money not easy now, more and more popular sentiment decompression valve and breakthrough. Opens the hooligan and faggots 'snaps' sit gentleman era. But ge you lie what are effects on our health? Is a good effect or bad effect? Ge you lie because in less than our neck and the waist muscle and makes people relaxed, and very comfortable, but it sat for a long time, can have a big impact on our body. 1, if such sitting for a long time, we will make the compression of the lumbar spine, and because there is no retainer force, make the body sinking makes the centerline of the body ward at the same time, it is easy to make us in lumbar dish outstanding, cause spinal deformity. 2, so sit down for a long time will make our heart function and respiratory function are affected. At the same time makes our breathing difficulties, prone to suffocate. 3, if children do so but also will affect the development of the children, which leads to the child's skeletal deformities, resulting in the abnormal state of the spine. So we had better not in daily life always ge you lie, sometimes it is good to relax.

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