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Furniture customization become the leading furniture market, home market demand to upgrade

by:KNK     2020-08-15

we all know that the threshold of the home is relatively low, which makes our country there are many small workshops, small business, and as home show and the upgrading of market demand, which makes the furniture industry will experience 'home appliance' shuffle the deck. Custom and the furniture in the furniture industry has become the dominant position, which makes some big furniture companies have said, to increase the whole house in the field of custom extensions. Although the impact on real estate industry, but the housing stock secondary demand will become a new household market. Since 2005, our country residential commodity house into the rapid development of ten years, during the period of commercial housing sales area reaches 8. 500 million square meters. Data show that China's residential renovation cycle about
- 7 10 years, with fifty percent consumer choice to decorate calculation, update demand huge stock market. Citic built for flower small wei, an analyst is expected, according to a new generation of the urban residents consumption habits change, secondary repair replacement cycles are getting shorter. And it is worth noting that under fair, full of the highest frequency vocabulary is the 'custom', custom will household industry has become the dominant. So want to make my own business not be submerged in the tide of the household, you need to make my own business is given priority to with custom, it will make their own enterprise development better.

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