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【 Furniture 】 Chinese style furniture to choose Chinese style furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-03

is on the basis of ancient furniture of Chinese style furniture to a furniture style gradually and development, we all know that in the ancient times Chinese style furniture gives a person the sense of magnificent atmosphere, but in modern times because the change of people's living habits, Chinese style furniture is not only grand, it also combined with the present age, became the modern Chinese style furniture, but both Chinese style furniture and modern Chinese style furniture is saved to the spirit of the original furniture symbol. So Chinese style house has the characteristic which? How do we choose Chinese style furniture?

characteristics of Chinese style furniture

Chinese style furniture is divided into bright type furniture and clear pattern furniture, bright type furniture basically see lines and soft feeling, clear pattern furniture main work. Both bright type and clear pattern are extremely pays attention to left and right sides is symmetrical, and indoor environment harmonious collocation, and very has the collection, keeping in good health, and symbolism. Materials of traditional Chinese style furniture is very exquisite, generally with hardwood as the material, such as chicken wing wood, hainan chrysanthemum pear, rosewood, Africa acid rare rare wood, aloes wood, etc. This kind of Chinese style furniture cost high, the price is expensive.

Chinese style furniture is the elegant implicative, dignified forword eastern spiritual pursuit, the most notable features of carve patterns or designs on woodwork only keep the traditional furniture is royal furniture & other; M & other; Word lines and & other; Back & throughout; Type lines! “ Officer hat & throughout; Type, on the processing of furniture legs use & more other The horseshoe & throughout; Type feet!

how to choose Chinese style furniture

when we choose Chinese style furniture at the first want to see is wrapped slurry, because people are often touch places will naturally form wrapped slurry. And only can often meet, if we buy the wrapped slurry of Chinese style furniture look unnatural or in often do not touch place, then not really Chinese style furniture, and we can also observe the graininess of the furniture, if our wood smooth, then it is true. At the same time we also from furniture carving identify above, if very delicate carving is very smooth, so Chinese style furniture is true.

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