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Foshan stainless steel furniture high cost is not high

by:KNK     2020-07-23

the cost of stainless steel furniture is high is not high this problem basically see the use of material, as well as the contrast of furniture and stainless steel furniture type. May be a lot of people don't know the stainless steel furniture is not only refers to all adopt the stainless steel furniture, a lot of stainless steel furniture is made of stainless steel chassis, and then match the marble, glass, made of solid wood as a desktop. The price of natural marble is higher, so it seems that the whole stainless steel furniture is very high. Of course, this is just for some particle board furniture, if the relative to real wood furniture, stainless steel furniture isn't too expensive. High cost is not high stainless steel stainless steel furniture furniture cost calculation method consists of raw materials of three parts, hardware accessories, artificial cost, from the raw materials mainly divides into the stainless steel furniture, of 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel 304 stronger corrosion resistance, service life is also stronger, nature price high a lot. And the cost of raw materials prices have been will be floating up and down, with 201 stainless steel is low when possible as long as 10 yuan/kg, and high likely to 16 yuan/kg. Hardware accessories accounted for less than itself, impact on the overall price is not high. And artificial cost is one of the major cost of stainless steel furniture, a stainless steel furniture to need how long to complete one production, which include wages, housing, equipment and so on a series of cost, many complicated stainless steel furniture labor costs even accounted for more than half. At present, the market price of the stainless steel furniture novel and has many advantages of furniture, this kind of person is relatively cost is not high. And compared with some wooden furniture, plastic furniture, plastic furniture, have higher service life, and don't have to worry about fire prevention, waterproof, and the situation of the damage of ants. Can say that a number of factors, cost is not high, not only and relatively small. If you want to order stainless steel furniture, and worry about the problem of cost, can get in touch with us directly, we will give you quote us for the first time, let you have an accurate judgment.

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