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Foshan stainless steel/bookcase bookshelf production factories, private processing order for you

by:KNK     2020-08-22

we all know that the stainless steel material made of stainless steel shelf is not easy to rust, and stainless steel shelf is lightsome, joint degree is high, and books are very popular among people. Stainless steel shelves use process should pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, if you have any dust or dirt, stainless steel shelves above can be wash with soap or warm water. If it is stainless steel shelves logo, sticker, can use warm water, weak detergent to wash, can also use alcohol to swab. If there is a grease stainless steel shelves, needs to be done with a soft cloth to wipe, can also use neutral detergent or special detergent for cleaning. If caused rust stains on the shelf can be wash with warm water. Stainless steel shelves at ordinary times as long as pay attention to maintenance can be use for a long time, wipe brighter and brighter. Foshan, as a professional stainless steel processing plant, to provide various models of stainless steel shelves, as long as you provide size, style or pictures, our company can be customized for you.

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