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Foshan school canteen eat desk and chair custom stainless steel, stainless steel eat desk and chair

by:KNK     2020-07-30

table is we use every day, eating cannot leave the table, so that the table is very important for our daily life. One of the most popular on the market at present is the stainless steel table. 1. Healthy environmental protection stainless steel table, very resistant to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean, durable. 2. Arc less sharp edge design desktop by polishing, effectively reduce injury to hit bottom, in our daily life and aesthetic effect. 3. Stent accessories after artificial polishing, the surface light, no peeling, not to drop paint, simple installation, firmer, non-slip rubber lining design, prevent slippery, prevent scratch, smooth cutting arc round foot joint, installation does not hurt the hand. Stainless steel eat desk and chair daily maintenance: 1, when cleaning stainless steel eat desk and chair, do not use steel wire ball, wipe the surface to prevent scratches, have the place of besmirch can wipe gently with wet cloth. 2, stainless steel, fast food tables and chairs need regular cleaning, surface dust or dirt, can use warm water washing. If there is oil droplets in the above, wipe with soft cloth first, then use detergent to clean. 3, can see that some stainless steel table surface after long time there will be a rainbow lines, and this is caused by too much oil or detergent in the above, here when cleaning with warm water. 4, to squeeze toothpaste in the dirty on stainless steel table, above repeatedly scrub with a toothbrush, finally with wet cloth to wipe. 5, we need to carefully take care of good stainless steel eat desk and chair, in the placement of stainless steel table place to avoid direct sunlight. Foshan stainless steel factory is specialized in the production of stainless steel processing eat desk and chair, stainless steel office furniture manufacturer. Over the years committed to stainless steel products processing production work, experience.

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