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Foshan household stainless steel coffee table, tea table is stainless steel shelves size by the factory

by:KNK     2020-07-31

stainless steel tea table is gradually stepping into the market in recent years and was welcomed by consumers, but many people at the time of purchase stainless steel tea table is lost, don't know how the size of the choice. If I buy big room to fit, if buy small, not put too many things, but also affect the room decoration effect. Therefore the stainless steel household table size selection is very important. General stainless steel tea table mainly has the shape of rectangle, square, corner round, etc. Stainless steel tea table is mainly composed of base and mesa, mesa generally USES glass, USES the stainless steel base plate. This style of tea table not only beautiful but also has the very strong practicability. Because the main function of tea table is used to drink tea, so it is the most appropriate toughened glass as the surface, toughened glass has good heat resistance. Everyone in selecting stainless steel tea table suggest don't choose the style of the size is too big, usually 500 * 600 * 300 specifications. But if your sitting room area is larger, we suggest the size of 1500 * 500 * 300. Foshan professional custom production of various specifications, models of stainless steel tea table, desk and chair of eat of stainless steel such as stainless steel furniture, if you want to choose stainless steel tea table, you are advised to consult our company, staff will put forward the reasonable Suggestions for you and the best quality products.

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