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Foshan furniture factory tell you the choose and buy of recreational chair method

by:KNK     2020-08-26

put a chair on the balcony, we could sit in the sun, when sunny if too dry we can pull a curtain, in the sun, reading, is leisurely, recreational chair has so many advantages, so how do we choose? A look at the depth of the recreational chair, generally speaking, in a more formal occasions, people straight posture is very end, more people prefer to sit in a chair in front is the location of the 'light'. However, if in the home, relaxation may sit in the case of the deeper, the whole person as if in a chair. In the choose and buy when, can sit to see, first try to sit down when the depth of the whole body feeling, can know whether it is the needs of both public and private. Second look at the height of the recreational chair recreational chair the height and height is connected, so we in the choice is the best in the height of the leg is good, it is the height of the human body to feel the most comfortable. Three recreational chair armrest height the need to look at their habits to choose, you can if we like your hands naturally don't armrest, if we will like you stuck in a chair we can choose higher the recreational chair armrest. Four see backrest height of the recreational chair recreational chair backrest height better a little higher, so that we can make you depend on it, and it is the height of the back of a chair over the head, so there is the most comfortable, and also won't appear the neck with a 90 - degree Angle on the back of a chair, to avoid harming the spine. Five see softness of recreational chair recreational chair the best soft some, because we are sitting on a chair to rest, so afraid of recreational chair soft, it can make our body better relax. Six see the rake of recreational chair recreational chair the best have a little bit inclined so you can have the feeling of lying, allows us to get a better rest.

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