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Foshan furniture factory tell you cloth art furniture maintenance method

by:KNK     2020-08-27

cloth art furniture, is loved by many young people because of cloth art furniture look more warmth, and cloth art furniture price relatively is more cheaper. Cloth art furniture if it is not a good maintenance, however, after a period of time is old, so we better good for maintenance, the foshan furniture factory tell you cloth art furniture maintenance method. Cloth art sofa just got back after the maintenance method of cloth art sofa, can use first fabric protectant spray once, to protect the cloth art sofa. At ordinary times can flap with dry towel cloth art sofa, and vacuum once a week, especially to remove the dirt retention between structure. If the body be soiled, water be soiled, mud, don't sit on the furniture, remember to clean the sit up, or you'll will furniture also dirty. If the cloth art furniture has a stain on the surface, we can use is wiped clean dishcloth touchs water from inside extroversion or with special detergent for cleaning. Some material will be divided into machine wash and hand wash cloth art furniture, when we were in for cleaning must know how to wash, or cleaning the wrong wash cloth art furniture bad easily. If the surface of cloth art furniture cable head, don't break it with the hand, got to neatly cut with scissors. And if the mat is mobile, we can turn it once a week, make wear uniform distribution.

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