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Foshan furniture factory of marble furniture is introduced

by:KNK     2020-08-30

furniture is we each family essential contents, now a lot of home when choosing furniture would choose marble furniture, marble furniture because resistance is not afraid of dirty and pattern beautiful wait for an advantage by people like, let's introduce marble furniture. Marble furniture materials used in furniture marble generally have stone of green jade, violet jade, crystal pearl, kylin, crane to jade, amethyst, bai shuijing, kinds of wh some of which needs coloring, and green jade, violet jade and red dragon is natural. Some bad products will be cheap white marble of green sham gray jade, and the color most of these products are not natural emerald, scagliola is to use the clastic rock of natural marble or granite to be filling material, in cement, gypsum and not saturated polyester resin as adhesive, classics agitate is made after forming, grinding and polishing. Artificial marble transparency is bad, and without burnish. Marble furniture in the identification of the marble furniture that sells on the market with natural marble and scagliola, and the branch that natural marble has high grade marble and inferior marble again, choice marble furniture should first understand the difference, each piece of natural marble has unique natural design and color, the stone material of high grade marble can choose whole stone material, different parts of the ratio of materials. Main place can have the natural grain of large area, and leftover material can be used in areas such as the back of the chair, chapiter to do an ornament. And inferior furniture chooses leftover material when the material, the surface lacks change. Marble maintenance of marble is porous material, so we are in a clean as long as it is good to use wet cloth to wipe gently, but also on a regular basis with marble special cleaner undertakes cleanness, must wipe with water after cleaning, wipe with dry dishcloth, lest into internal marble. If we are in the process of use made of marble furniture surface wear serious, we can use sand paper to wipe, then use grinding machine to be smoothed. If the marble furniture surface is difficult to remove the stain, we could use a lemon or vinegar to clean.

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